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Meeting Owl Video Conferencing Device

Item#: OWL-MTW100
Meeting Owl Video Conferencing Device OWL-MTW100_a.jpg

Intelligent 360° All-in-One Video Conferencing Device

Buy 8 Meeting Owl Conference Devices, Get One FREE!. Must be on single invoice, but can ship to multiple locations. Free units ships directly from Manufacturer. Complete your claim form at www.owllabs.com/rebate.

The Meeting Owl provides remote meeting attendees an experience that nearly feels like sitting in the room with the team.

The magic is the Meeting Owl's 360° video, 360° audio, and its intelligent software. It uses audio and visual cues to automatically shift focus and feature different people in the room as they talk. Now the remote meeting attendee always has a close up of what's happening and can see the most important parts of the conversation. No need to ask someone to turn or move the camera.

The Meeting Owl is a USB device that works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You don't have to download or install a thing. Just plug it in to your in-room computer or laptop and you're good to go

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Meet the Meeting Owl:

360° Video — the Meeting Owl can see in all directions at the same time with its 360° lens and provides a panorama view of the room to the remote viewer

Automatic Speaker Focus — the Meeting Owl uses audio and video cues to understand where everyone is sitting in the room, and will shift its focus automatically to highlight up to three speakers at a time.

Exceptional Audio — the 8 omnidirectional mics and 360 speaker makes sure you can hear everyone. Clearly picks up sound from 12-feet away.

Plug and Play — Works seamlessly with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. No software downloads necessary. Connects via USB.

All-in-One audio and video — Combined Mics, Speaker, and Camera simplifies the meeting room set up.

Intelligent video — the 360° lens shows the entire room and automatically focuses on people as they speak.

Automatic Updates — free, secure automatic software updates. Android and iOS apps.

Meeting analytics — free meeting room usage analytics: know how your rooms are being used.

Camera Lock — allows you to aim the Owl's camera to keep the room's VIP or podium on stage at all times.

  • 360° Video
  • Automatic Speaker Focus
  • Exceptional Audio
  • Plug-and-Play
  • All-in-One audio and video
  • Intelligent video
  • $799.00
Includes: Meeting Owl all-in-one camera/speaker/mic, power adapter with plug, micro USB cable.
Manufactured by: Owl Labs
Mfr. Part Number: mtw100