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Please start with a few simple selections and you'll find your headset.

I'm buying a Headset for:
Consider your workspace and select an appropiate option from above dropdown menu.
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Below is some helpful information about different workspace environments.

Office Headset
Stay connected in your daily Office
communication with the Headsets that give you
range of options to connect to your Desk Phone,
Softphone(Computer) and Mobile devices.

You can choose the speakers and microphone
options that best fit the noise in your

Contact Center Headset
Headsets are critical for the successful
operation of a call center. Call center
employees work long hours taking and.
receiving calls Many call centers are located
in open office environments and can be.
crowded and noisy..
Below are major factors for choosing headsets
for a call center.
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Noise cancellation

Mobile/On the Move
Mobile Workers demand flexibility and use
more computers and mobile products for both
work and personal use.
This solutions help to switch seamlessly
between work and private tasks.